Magnetic Stirrer

Boyne Smelter

  • Location: Queensland, Australia
  • Completed: August 2019
  • Outcome: Successful installation of a Zmag MagStir Series 1 magnetic stirrer and corresponding floor area.

Project Scope:

  • Engineering design of the furnace floor
  • Engineering design of support beams for the replacement floor
  • Design of supporting frame to the Zmag stirrer
  • Issue of construction drawings

Boyne Smelter Limited (BSL) engaged km-mec to create construction drawings for the installation of a Zmag MagStir Series 1 magnetic stirrer to the F12 Furnace in the Boyne Smelter Casthouse.

BSL is Australia’s second-largest aluminium smelter, operated by Rio Tinto, and capable of producing over 570,000 tonnes of aluminium each year. km-mec was chosen as the preferred design consultancy due to previous experience.  We had designed and engineered the installation of several magnetic stirrers at New Zealand Aluminium Smelter (NZAS).

The aim of the project was to increase the overall quality of aluminium produced by the plant. This is achieved with consistent magnetic stirring which results in a more consistent aluminium product.

The project provided km-mec with a new set of challenges and complexity where we had to ensure the structural integrity of the furnace. The Zmag MagStir uses a high level of magnetic force, a significant portion of the floor had to be replaced with non-magnetic stainless steel (or austenitic steel), a series of supports for the new floor and a frame for the new stirrer had to be designed to ensure the installation maintained structural integrity.

km-mec played a significant role in bringing the site team and external stakeholders together to deliver the successful design of the Zmag Magstir magnetic stirrer. The final result delivered a higher-quality aluminium, with the added benefit of improved health and safety practices, and ultimate customer satisfaction due to a higher quality product.

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